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New Construction Clean up

Post Construction Clean Up

Final Construction Clean Up

We know being able to count on receiving dependable, worry-free service from their construction cleaning contractor is important to every customer.

Construction Clean up Phase One:

  • Initial/Rough Clean Add Task
  • Construction debris and trash will be placed in designated waste receptacle
  • Labels and stickers, not required to remain, will be removed from new fixtures and appliances
  • Appliance labels and manuals will be gathered and placed in designated location
  • Edit Floor will be broom swept or vacuumed to make ready for more work.

Construction Clean up Phase Two:

  • Main/Final Clean Add Task
  • Ceiling fans, floor and ceiling vents and return covers will be cleaned
  • Sawdust and drywall dust will be removed from walls and ceilings
  • Fixtures including sconce-type will be cleaned inside and out
  • Interior of cabinets and drawers will be vacuumed to remove dust in corners
  • Woodwork including doors, frames, trim, cabinets, drawers, closet shelves, bookshelves, handrails and moldings will be wiped down
  • Horizontal surfaces including counter tops will be wiped clean
  • Mirrors, porcelain surfaces and chrome fixtures will be cleaned and polished
  • Appliance labels and manuals will be gathered and placed in designated location
  • Window tracks will be vacuumed to remove construction dust
  • Baseboards, ledges, electrical outlet covers and light switches will be cleaned
  • Restroom fixtures including sinks, toilets, urinals, showers and tubs will be cleaned
  • Kitchen sink, counter tops, and exterior of appliances will be cleaned
  • Hard floors will be vacuumed, dust mopped or swept
  • Hard floors will be wet mopped
  • Carpeted areas including edges will be vacuumed using detail attachment

Construction Clean up Phase Three:

  • Touch-up/Re-Clean Add Task
  • All areas will be lightly touched-up and dusted to create “move in” or “ready to show” appearance
  • Restrooms will be touched up to create “move in” or “ready to show” appearance
  • Kitchen will be touched up to create “move in” or “ready to show” appearance
  • Floors will be vacuumed as needed to create “move in” or “ready to show” appearance

Standard Procedures Add Task

  • Cleaning will be performed to a maximum height of 12 ft. above floor
  • Additional carpet, window or hard floor cleaning or maintenance beyond the services described above are performed at client’s request and billed separately
  • When needed, safety cones or barriers will be used to limit access to area being serviced
  • Cleaning company will be provided with all necessary security codes, fobs or access keys prior to start of work
  • All necessary supervision, cleaning equipment and supplies will be furnished by cleaning company
  • Upon completion, building will be secured per instruction
  • Edit Upon completion, all equipment, signs and used supplies will be removed from building

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